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You are a Wren named Ches, and you must fight of waves of cursed squirrels by hurling your wrench at them. Plan your throws carefully though, because you lose if your wrench touches the ground, or if you take 2 hits!


  • WASD to move
  • SPACE to jump
  • J to throw your wrench
  • K to grab your wrench out of the air

Themes: Wrenches 101 and Cursemas Eve


  • Mozart
  • Tango


  1. Zivix - 16 Kills - Wave 2
  2. RetroBananaManNL - 7 Kills - Wave 2

Submit your score by posting your game over screen in the comments or at discord.gg/AVXMTQ4 in the #game-jam channel! 


Shenanijam2019WrenChesSquirrelCurse.zip 16 MB
Version 2_Shenanijam2019WrenChesSquirrelCurse.zip 16 MB

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